Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Familiarity breeds success

Especially in the field of education, familiarizing oneself with concepts, learning strategies and new methods of learning helps one to gain confidence and expertise in that particular area.

This is more relevant in the field of Special Education, wherein the students need to be familiarized with routines, with learning strategies, with steps involved in understanding concepts etc. Being familiar to the situations helps them to cope up with their difficulties more successfully.
Hence a lot of emphasis is laid on drilling the concepts, practicing the skills, familiarizing the routines.

Hence every concept or lesson involves, steps wherein the students are transitioned “into” the concept based on their past knowledge . The connections between what they already know and what they need to learn are built. The connections are then reinforced using new situations, new areas, through guided practice. When the students are familiar enough, they practice the new concept independently. Familiarity with the subject helps in expanding the scope of the subject area and also provides area for new knowledge. Thus there is a positive cycle of learning which keeps building and enhancing the cope of critical thinking.
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